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About Us

buck head and sign that reads "Moonshine Store"

We are a small family business. The store is original 1912 started out as a general store with a post office! Our mother in law Helen Tuttle bought the store 1982 from Enid Misner. Helen retired in 2017 and now Jackie and Lisa Tuttle now own the store.

vintage sketch of Moonshine Store

Sandwiches were cooked on a little pancake griddle for farmers and oil field workers and neighborhood friends and family! In 2003, CBS morning news came and did a spot on the Sunday morning news with Bill Geist. Terry Hammond from Casey, IL started the Moonshine Lunchrun in 2004 with only 10 guys showing up the first year and it grew yearly thereafter with the biggest year being 2017, serving 3362 sandwiches in a few hours! The Moonshine Lunchrun ended in 2018. Over the years we have been in several magazines- Midwest Living, Women’s World, Rider Magazine and several others.

front of Moonshine Store
moonburger with bacon and cheese

Our Most Wanted Burger:

The Moonshine Burger

It's so simple, but it's so delicious. Our world famous Moonshine Burger is unrivaled along with our other renowned dishes.

Our Moonburger is made with fresh ground beef with no seasoning. Helen always says made with love!! They are 1/2lb patties made by hand!

Voted top 25 burgers in Illinois